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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chicken Vs. Beef

I was talking to a friend about the benefits of eating chicken over beef.

I have been eating a lot of salads lately and my favorite is a spinach salad with steak strips on top.

My friend says that chicken is so much better and healthier than beef!  I t contains less calories per ounce, has way less fat, and doesn't contain heart-disease-causing saturated fats!

I asked my friend where she got her information from, and informed her that she is not completely right.

First, there are many cuts of beef, like a juicy eye-round roast for example, that are practically as lean as chicken.  Even more, these cuts are actually leaner than certain parts of a chicken, such as legs or thighs.  And if you are eating the skin of the chicken, there is no comparison.

If you really want to go super lean and cut out all the fat, then both chicken and beef give you good options.

Bottom line, there are lean and fatty versions of both depending on the part of the animal you are eating and how it is prepared.

Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with fat, or bread for that matter.  Fat and grains are ingredients that our bodies need, just like carbs and proteins.



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