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Joe Marich of Lakeline has what you might consider a tough challenge: His job. The owner of an Eastlake bakery said he wants to get back to his active ways and get control of his weight.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Got weighed in Saturday, happy to say I lost 10 lbs.
I still find it amusing that when people find out I'm a baker, they always ask if I eat my baked goods.
The answer is YES!
I love bread and I have a sweet tooth. So it's not, do I eat it my baked goods, it's watching how much of it, I eat.
I diet like the rest of us, but I also reward myself from time to time with a treat.  One of my favorite treats is what many of you call a cookie...I call a "BAKIE".
I really never understood why they call them cookies, when you bake them. That's why I call them "bakies".  I'm sure glad you don't fry them!
Anyways, I can tell you that I use only the best available ingredients in my "bakies", from unprocessed flour to all natural sugar. 
Some people swear by their protein bars after workouts, I'll take one of my "bakies" any day, at least I can pronounce all of the ingredients which I put into them.
Reward yourself once in a while...with a "BAKIE"


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