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Joe Marich of Lakeline has what you might consider a tough challenge: His job. The owner of an Eastlake bakery said he wants to get back to his active ways and get control of his weight.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Will Power

I just realized that I wrote the wrong name of the person who came to my bakery.  It wasn't Jim Bohnsack, it was Bob Kaseda.  So sorry Bob.

Well, today I had a pleasant surprise... my fellow lighten-up competitor Bob Kaseda stopped by my bakery, Cakes By Maria and Joe, in Eastlake.

It's probably been 3 months since I have seen him at a weigh in, and I must say he looks great!!!!

We had a wonderful chat. We talked about how we were doing and or philosophies on how to lose weight.  The best thing he said to me, is that he found an exercise program that he does with his daughter.  I thought that was awesome.  What a great way to bond.

Well, I tried my hardest to corrupt him.  I offered him pizza bagels, pepperoni bread, cupcakes and even "Bakies".  He turned me down:(

He did say, though, that it must be incredibly hard to work at my bakery and not be tempted by all the fresh goodies that I make.

I said it was, and like all diets, it takes some will power.  So I congratulate Bob, given my best efforts to corrupt him, with his great ability to not indulge in any of my sweets and stay the course.

Good luck Bob!!! 


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